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​As a historian and global archaeology connoisseur, Patty Civalleri has traveled for 17 years to the corners of our ancient past in search of lost civilizations all over our planet. She has had the privilege of doing so with some of the foremost archaeologists and scientests in the world.

​Patty enjoys the honor of serving on the Director's Council of the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology at the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA), and on the Board of the Center for Medieval & Renaissance Studies at California State University in Long Beach (CSULB), and as the Commodore of the Alamitos Bay Chargers boating club in Long Beach, Ca.

​As a writer, photographer, graphic designer, and technology professional, Patty has had the pleasure of building websites and marketing for nearly 200 business clients around the U.S.

Life on the canals of Belmont Shore in Southern California with her husband Roger is one of social, culinary, and sailing delights. 

Patty Civalleri, Author

John Doe UI/UX Designer

"With no direct competition in the travel guidebook arena, this is a game-changer for travellers that want to know more than simply where to eat or drink. I can say that Patty always has a smile on her face; she put this smile on every page of the book."

Dr. Zahi Hawass, Former Minister of Egyptian Antiquities, Travel Book Author (45+ books), Archaeologist, National Geographic Explorer in Residence​


The author uses 'micro-content' to make each point fun, interesting, and most of all, fast to grasp. The 'Getting High' section shows the traveller where to climb up to take the most scenic panoramic photos of the city. The hyper-visual presentation contains over 450 images.

Maps with Ideas

Getting High

What am I seeing?

Fun Backstories

How to "See" Art

How to "See" Art

What PEOPLE are Saying     

It is my distinct pleasure to recommend FLORENCE Gems & Giants by Patty Civalleri. Well-researched with dazzling photos and clear, concise text make for a great read."

Dr. Jane Close Conoley 
President, California State University, Long Beach, Ca.

This books provides a fresh look at a frequently studied and often traveled city. I am very impressed with the miles of leg-work that Patty Civalleri has undertaken to produce this vivid perspective of Florence. It should be in the hands of everyone who visits Florence, and wants to see and understand its magic."

Christopher Donnan 
Professor of Athropology at UCLA

Your stories are so entertaining and captivating, that even though I had heard some of them before, I stayed engaged throughout your whole presentation. And so did the audience - not one person left the room!" 

Susan H. 
Retail Bookstore Owner, Pasadena

I love love love your approach with this book! What you have done here is SO NEEDED, but people won't know it until they see this in front of them!"

Michelle G. 
Reader, Long Beach, Ca.

Today, you can
See Florence differently.

Soon, you will enjoy Patty Civalleri's unique approach to Educational Travel with the release of her next two books from Venice and Rome!

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Triple award-winning Florence Travel Book

FLORENCE Gems  & Giants

  • 3-Time Award Winner
  • 2017 Best Travel Book of the Year
  • Amazon Best Seller List

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